Magnificent Kids

Terms and Conditions/Terms of Trade

Terms and Conditions/Terms of Trade

Attendance, Absence and Non-Arrival



An attendance roll is taken at the beginning of each session.  A further attendance roll is taken at 4:30 pm.

An attendance roll is taken every 3 hours during Holiday Programmes.



Although the programme is run on-site at Victoria Avenue it is run independently of the school.

 The school does not notify the programme when your child is absent from school.

If your child is unwell and absent from school you must advise the school and the MK programme individually.  To notify the programme of an absence please call the MK programme on 027 497-1555 (please leave a message if the call is not answered) or send a text including your child’s full name.

Failure to notify the supervisor of your child’s planned absence will result in the absence being treated as a ‘non-arrival’ and will result in staff executing the non-arrival process.

Full fees are applicable for any MK programme if a child is absent on a day when they have been enrolled and would otherwise attend.



When a child who is enrolled in the programme does not arrive (on a day for which they are enrolled) and the programme has not received notification of your child’s absence the staff will initiate the following non-arrival process:


·        Staff will search the school and attempt to locate the child and child's teacher (to determine if the child was present that day)

·        Staff will contact the school office for absence information

·        Staff will notify the parent or guardian

·        If unable to reach either the parent or guardian, staff will call the emergency contact(s) and/or persons authorised to collect the child

·        If staff cannot make contact with the parent(s)/guardian(s), emergency contact or authorised persons, staff will contact NZ police


Collection of Children


Late Collection

The MK After School Programme runs from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Your child must be collected no later than 6:00 pm.  The MK Holiday Programme runs from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Your child must be collected no later than 6 pm. Children booked into an After School Care one-hour half session who remain in the programme after one hour will be automatically considered enrolled in the full session and charged the full session rate.

Children booked into a Holiday Programme 8:30 am to 3 pm session who remain in the programme after 3 pm will be automatically considered enrolled in a full 8:30 am to      6 pm session and charged the full session rate.

Please contact the MK supervisor (via 027 497-1555) if, due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to collect your child prior to the end of any MK programme. 

If the MK supervisor has not been contacted by or is unable to make contact with a parent/guardian/emergency contact within 1 hour of closure, MK reserves the right to contact the local Police.


Arriving/Signing Out/Leaving the programme

A parent/guardian (or other ‘authorised person’ over the age of 14) who collects the child from the programme is required to sign the child in/out of the programme by way of completing and signing the attendance record.  Children are not permitted to sign themselves out.

When collecting a child, please always ensure that a staff member is aware that you are doing so.

A parent/guardian (or other ‘authorised person’) must sign the child into the programme for Before School Care and Holiday Programmes.


 Children may only leave the MK programme with:


1.    Parent, guardian, emergency contact or other person authorised on the enrolment form.  If the programme staff are unfamiliar with this person, they may be asked to provide photo identification.


2.    Another person whose name and relationship to the child has been made known to MK staff by a parent, prior to the child being picked up.


If a person arrives to collect your child/children whose name is not on the enrolment form we are obliged (for your child's safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been in touch to confirm your consent. To avoid any embarrassment for all concerned, we would appreciate prior notification on this matter.


 Casual Bookings

The programme will accept casual bookings. 

 Casual bookings for after school care can be made through the ENROLMY booking platform and must be received prior to 12 pm on the day of attendance.                           Casual bookings that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged the full session rate.


Health and Wellbeing

When your child catches an illness, there will be an incubation period before they show symptoms and some illnesses can be infectious even after the symptoms have disappeared.

 To stop sickness from spreading it is important for the health and safety of all children attending the programme that you do not send your child to the programme if they are unwell.  As such, children will not be able to attend the programme on a day when they have been absent from school or have been in the school sick bay for an extended period of time for health reasons and parents have been notified by school staff.

Children may not attend the Magnificent Kids (MK) programme until 48 hours after the last occurrence of vomiting, diarrhoea and unexplained high temperature or rash.  The MK programme follows the guidelines for 'School Exclusion' as outlined by the Ministry of Health.  To protect all children attending the programme, your child will be unable to attend for the period defined by the Ministry for the specific illness (according to the link below).



For the safety of your child and all other children attending the programme, children are not to keep medication of any kind in their bag  (under any circumstances).

Although the programme is run on-site at Victoria Avenue it is run independent of the school and if any medicine is required to be administered by MK programme staff, an MK medication consent form will be required to be completed regardless of whether such a form has been completed for the school.


Categories of Medicine

The Ministry of Education provides guidelines (outlined in the link below) for three distinct categories of medicine. A record of written authorization is required from parents for the administration of the medicine in accordance with the requirement of the category of medicine.


Authority to Administer Medicine

Authority to administer ‘Category (i) medicines’ is provided by parents/guardians when completing an MK enrolment form.

Authority to administer ‘Category (ii) medicines’ is provided by parents/guardians by way of completing an MK Medication Consent form.  Such a form would need to be completed for each week that the medication is to be administered.

When completing the medication consent form, the parent/guardian is required to confirm the details of the last dose administered to the child (time and dosage). Failure to do so may result in the programme declining to administer the medication.

Authority to administer ‘Category (iii) medicines’ is provided by parents/guardians by way of providing the MK programme with an individual health plan from the child’s GP.


Administration of Medicine

When medication is administered at the MK programme it will always be administered under the supervision of two staff members.  One staff member will be responsible for the actual administration while the other staff member will be responsible for ‘checking and witnessing’ (including that the medicine has been provided in its original container, contains the child’s name and expiry date of the medication and that the dosage/time of administration is correct).  Both staff members will sign the medication consent form.  The parent/guardian is also required to sign the medication consent form when picking up their child so that they are aware of the time that the last dose was administered to their child.


Categories and Definitions


Category (i) medicines;

Definition: a non-prescription preparation (such as arnica cream, antiseptic liquid, insect bite treatment spray etc) that is:


·        not ingested;

·        used for the 'first aid' treatment of minor injuries; and

·        provided by the service and kept in the first aid cabinet.


Written authority from a parent will be given as part of the enrolment form.  The enrolment form will provide details on the specific medicines that the programme will provide and each parent/guardian is required to provide details on which of these medicines they approve to be given to their child during the period for which they are enrolled. If there are any changes to the specific Category (i) medicines supplied by the MK programme, parents will be informed in writing.


 Category (ii) medicines;

 Definition: a prescription (such as antibiotics, eye/ear drops etc) or non-prescription (such as paracetamol liquid, cough syrup etc) medicine that is:


·        used for a specific period of time to treat a specific condition or symptom; and

·        provided by a parent for the use of that child only or, in relation to Rongoa Māori (Māori plant medicines), that is prepared by other adults at the service.


Written authority from a parent or guardian is required to be given at the beginning of each week that the medicine is to be administered, detailing what (name of medicine), how (method and dose), and when (time or specific symptoms/circumstances) medicine is to be given.  The parent/guardian authority will be given by way of completing the MK Medication Consent Form.


 Category (iii) medicines;

 Definition: a prescription (such as asthma inhalers, epilepsy medication etc) or non-prescription (such as antihistamine syrup, lanolin cream etc) medicine that is:


·        used for the ongoing treatment of a pre-diagnosed condition (such as asthma, epilepsy, allergic reaction, diabetes, eczema etc); and

·        provided by a parent for the use of that child only.


Written authority from a parent/guardian is given at enrolment as part of an individual health plan, or whenever there is a change, detailing what (name of medicine), how (method and dose), and when (time or specific symptoms/circumstances) the medicine should be given.


 Special Needs

Unless the enrolment of a child with special needs causes major disruption (in the sole opinion of the MK supervisor), MK will be able to accept children on a trial basis of a period of up to two weeks.


Parents/caregivers will need to provide MK with as much information as possible regarding the child and their needs to ensure that the child can receive the best possible care.  (A separate information/support plan may be required to be completed upon enrolment.)

If the child needs additional support in order to attend the programme successfully (in the sole opinion of the MK supervisor) then this will need to be provided by the parents, at the parents’ cost.


Payment Terms


Fees must be paid for every day that your child is enrolled in any MK programme, including any day that your child is enrolled but is absent.  This includes all statutory holidays and any days the school closes for unforeseen reasons as decided by the school board of trustees that fall on a day when your child would normally attend MK. MK does not offer to swap booked sessions or offer credits for unattended sessions.


Teacher only days - if there is sufficient interest from the community, the programme may operate on the teacher only days and families will be notified via email.

As spaces are limited and resources have been allocated in advance children not attending Holiday Programmes on days booked will still be charged for the day, any cancellations of bookings for Holiday Programmes may not be made one week prior to the start of the programme.


Cancellation of after school care permanent bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance in writing.


 Magnificent Kids  After School Care, Clubs and Holiday Programme fees, include GST.


Magnificent Kids does not offer sibling discounts for Clubs or Holiday Programmes.


Magnificent Kids offers sibling discounts for After School Care at a rate of 5% second child, 5% 3rd child.


Fees are subject to change and may be increased when necessary at the discretion of the MK management.


Payments and Account Details

All invoices are emailed to the primary caregiver.

Unless by prior arrangement club fees must be paid in full in advance of each term, fees are payable electronically (internet), via automatic payment or cash.

For staff safety, payments made in cash can only be made directly to the MK supervisor who will provide a receipt for the cash received.

Please quote your child's name and invoice number when making online payments.


Late Payment of Fees

All MK programme fees must be paid in full and on time.


Invoices are emailed to your nominated primary caregiver email address and must be paid within 7 days of the date shown on the invoice.


Invoices that are overdue after 7 days will incur a compounding 10% penalty fee per week that the invoice remains outstanding.  Any accounts that fall into arrears by more than two weeks may result in cancellation of your child's enrolment in the MK programme and all costs of debt collection (legal, filing, court fees and all debt collection agency commissions etc), incurred will be payable by you, the parent/guardian/caregiver. 




Bank Account Details                                                                                           

Account Name:

Magnificent Kids Limited

Account Number:





Separate Parent Payments

MK is more than happy to accommodate separate parent/guardian payments through the ENROLMY payment platform. 


Cancellation of Programmes

In the event of any Magnificent Kids Programme no longer being offered either permanently or temporarily, one weeks’ notice will be given in writing to the parents/caregivers of any children enrolled in the programme. Any fees already paid for sessions no longer available will be refunded in full.



If any caregiver has any complaint about any aspect of any programme or any staff member, they should;

 First, approach the programme supervisor who will attempt to rectify the situation.  Where possible, the supervisor will outline the possible steps that may be taken to prevent or reduce the likelihood of such a situation recurring in future.

 If the complainant feels that their concern has not been resolved to their satisfaction and they do not feel comfortable approaching the supervisor (or their concern involves the supervisor) they should contact the owner/operator Monique Patient on 027 497-1554.

Should the complainant feel that the situation is still unresolved, the complaint should be submitted in writing to the MK programme. The complaint needs to include the date(s) and details of the grievance as well as desired outcomes. Written complaints should be emailed to and will be responded to as soon as possible but no later than 10 working days.



From time to time, photographs (of children whose parents have given prior consent during enrolment) may be taken by a staff member for promotional purposes (individual children will not be referred to by name).


 Photo/Video/Digital Images

I agree that I will not capture images of children or other persons associated with Magnificent Kids and upload them to any social media site without first obtaining the permission of such other persons (such as staff, parents, caregivers etc) or the permission of the parent or caregiver of any child.


 Personal Items/Resources/Facilities

MK will take the utmost care but will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings (including uniforms) brought by children to any programme. Any loss or damage to programme resources or facilities caused by a child will be the financial responsibility of the child’s parent/caregiver to replace or repair. 


Respect Of Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                        At MK we care about and work hard to provide exceptional programmes for all children who attend our programmes. We treat children, families and everyone in our school community with the utmost respect. Parents/caregivers are expected to model this behaviour by respecting all MK programmes and communicating with all staff and participants of our programmes in a respectful manner at all times. Any actions that may potentially damage the reputation of MK and abusive or aggressive behaviour of any kind is unacceptable and may result in your child being permanently excluded from all MK programmes.



Club Payments

Unless by prior arrangement term club fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each term. Refunds are not available for days when your child is absent for any reason or if for any reason your child does not continue for the remainder of the term. If for any unforeseen reason the school is not operating, as decided by the school board of trustees on the day the club would usually operate refunds or swapped/alternative sessions will not be provided. In the event of a closure due to Pandemic Alert Levels 'catch-up' classes or Magnificent Kids, credit for use in future programmes will be provided.

Credits provided for children attending Magnificent Kids programmes at Meadowbank School must be used for the same activity at Meadowbank School.

Magnificent Kids does not offer sibling discounts for Club bookings.

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