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My 6 year old son Blake tried out the Magnificent Scrapbook Club for a couple of days over the Summer school holidays.  He thoroughly enjoyed it so we decided to enrol him in the Wednesday after school class for Term 1. Blake is not naturally drawn to arts and crafts but has loved doing the varied and exciting art activities Monique offers each week and has been really proud of his creations.  Each Wednesday night when I pick him up, he can’t wait to show me what he has made that week and is also really proud to show his dad when he gets home.    

I like Monique’s no nonsense approach to behaviour. She is firm but fair with the children, giving them clear boundaries,  so they know exactly the type of behaviour that is expected of them. 

Thanks Monique, I will be continuing on with Blake’s enrolment in Term 2. 

Rhiannon Davies

From the very first time I met Monique (four years ago as the nervous parent of a very small new entrant) it has been evident that she is extremely passionate about what she does.  It is clear that Monique has built up a fantastic rapport with all the children in her care and manages to effortlessly sustain a very clearly defined level of discipline whilst maintaining a fun, safe and stimulating environment.  The never-ending array of creative, engaging and well thought out activities have ensured that I am often asked not to arrive too early for pick-up which is very re-assuring for a working parent!

My mother has frequently picked my daughter up and has regularly commented on how impressed she is with Monique’s work – a big compliment from a senior leader within the primary and early-childhood education environment

I am extremely grateful to Monique for her genuine approachability and the honesty with which she has kept me updated when Harper has been less than perfectly behaved (!), or acting out-of-character and the way in which she and her extended team have worked together with me to correct it.  Monique has repeatedly gone “above and beyond” to help support Harper.


Farleigh Quinlivan

Atalia really enjoys your YUM CLUB highlight for me was when she asked me to buy her some celery! 🥗 Many thanks,



“Yum Club and Magnificent Scrap bookers are the highlights of Amera’s week. Monique’s passion for what she does and the kids she teaches is evident in the kids smiles and proud creations. Every week is something new and exciting. I love that Monique is firm but fair with the kids and they know where they stand. The expectation of good behaviour, good manners and having great fun are all part of Yum Club and Scrapbooking Club.”




I feel extremely lucky that my daughter joined Victoria avenue school because it gave her a chance to meet you and learn from you.

When she first joined ASC, she just turned five and she barely spoke any English, but your care and astonishing people skills turned the afterschool care into a wonderful adventure for her. There my daughter learned how to get along with people, you dealt with her tantrums in the most professional way and taught her how to behave differently, how to treat others with care and respect. My daughter has awesome people skills, and I believe a huge part of it comes from learning from you, as you lead by example. All ASC children adored you, and I must also compliment you on your staff choices - all of them are beyond amazing. I really appreciate your approach of treating children as almost equals - explaining everything to them, but helping when they need it.

I also admired the variety of activities my daughter was into each day at the ASC when you were the head of the Vikkie ave branch. She really loves art, and your effort helped her to grow in this domain as well. And that is exactly why we were so keen to join all your new inventions - the Holiday Programmes, the Magnificent Scrapbookers and Crafters as well as the YUM club. My daughter is eager to join any adventure given you're in it!

I believe I don't have enough words to show my appreciation as to what you are doing - after your Scrapbookers classes she operates the hot glue gun like a true professional and makes absolutely stunning cardboard cut-outs of a living room or a fireplace! I have never seen anything like that in my whole life, and it was you who inspired and taught her to make all these breathtakingly beautiful things. Oh, and a very special thanks comes for the YUM club - you have the patience to teach her cooking, which I lack - and her progress is truly amazing in this area as well. Now I am sure my child won't die of hunger and she can make something to eat for herself - and she keeps all your wonderful recipes! To sum everything up - thank you so much for all the love and effort you put into our children, you are making their days brighter and happier. And you also make us, parents, happier because we know that when our children are with you, they are content and well-entertained. And that removes a huge amount of the parent guilt each of us carries on. Thanks again for all the amazing things that you are doing, and I hope that my daughter will have a plenty of opportunities to spend time with you and learn from you.


Kateryna Nesmyelova




I have known Monique since April 2016 when I moved from Australia to New Zealand and my daughter and son started school at VAS. They attended after school care 3 days per week and Monique was always professional, creative, well organised and most importantly she was always genuinely interested in the children in her care. She also made a point of engaging with parents at pick up time to create real connections between aftercare and home.

When Monique moved on from ASC I, like many other parents, was very sad to see her leave however I was impressed by the professional way she handled the transition and I was delighted that she was able to start her own Magnificent Scrapbookers Club after school on Wednesdays, obviously realising her dream! Holly was one of her first students and remains excited and happy to go to Scrapbookers and Yum Club every week and to Holiday Workshops during the breaks. All of these sessions are always well planned, well run and I have seen a real difference in Holly's interest in, and knowledge of, cooking and craft as a result.


Monique manages these programs end to end, but this never takes her away from hands-on time with the children and they all think the world of her. She is always very respectful of VAS property and ensures the facilities are in at least as good a state when she finishes up as when she found them. I always appreciate her flexibility and support for parents, whether it's Holly's big brother dropping in for a while on his way home from another school or saying 'no worries' when I call to tell her I'm stuck in traffic, it always feels like the children are her priority and that's incredibly important to working parents.

Monique has an enormous capacity which means she juggles many balls at once with apparent ease, and she is highly respected by both parents and children. I would have every confidence enrolling my children in any program she offered, safe in the knowledge it would be fun, safe and educational.


Holly joined Scrapbookers and Yum Club when they first started and both clubs are absolute highlights of her week! Monique's passion for creating and her obvious enjoyment of the children combine for a fun and educational experience. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and the kids clearly have an awesome time with her. And the added bonus is having a child who is interested in cooking! Thank you Monique.


Megan Main





We first met Monique 4 years ago when our daughter, Jada, started school as a new entrant. Monique ran the after-school programme at Victoria Avenue.
As full time working parents, it was important that our little one had the best after-school care, given that she would spend most of her time there.

We have found Monique to be a very caring, firm but fair individual. She is extremely passionate about what she does. Over a year ago, Monique resigned from the after-school programme and set up the Magnificent Scrapbookers, and the Yum Club at Victoria Avenue.
 Jada (without any input from us) has chosen to spend 2 afternoons with Monique at the Scrapbookers club.
Jada absolutely loves, and looks forward to Tuesday's and Wednesday's with Monique, as there is always something different, exciting and challenging, to do.

The children absolutely adore her, as do the parents. She is talented, kind, compassionate and patient, so much so, that Jada refers to Monique as her "school mum".

This gives us great reassurance as parents, as to the outstanding work that Monique does, also evident through the creative work that is displayed by all the children in her care.

Monique has a true calling on her life and that is teaching and inspiring children. We see her as a role model; she greets children and parents alike, with the biggest smile, and she makes an effort to interact with whoever she comes across. Her conversations are very personable which proves that she has taken the time to get to know "the parents".



Sharon & Vilash Choy





We have been really happy with how Thomas has responded to his time with Monique at both the Scrap Booking club on Wednesday’s and the time Thomas had at the school holiday programme in the last school holidays.

Thomas has really enjoyed himself and has loved the variety of activities made available and especially the arts and crafts.

One of the reasons as parents we are so pleased with the programmes is that Monique provides very clear boundaries for the children without being too restrictive and Thomas responds well to that and respects Monique and her rules.

We asked Monique if our four year old daughter Mila could come to the holiday program as she is starting at Victoria ave school in November. That was no problem and Mila loved it too.

Finally, it is clear to me that Monique really connects with the children and we know that they are happy and well cared for when they are in her care.


Regards Sam





We have had 3 children participate in activities managed by Monique over the last 4/5 years (since 2014).

We have found Monique’s management skills, program development, pastoral care of the children and general manner to be exceptional. Nothing is ever an issue and we believe she truly has our kids best intentions at heart. This differs to other services we have used from other providers we have felt they haven’t had that same level of engagement and care with the children.

Our children always look forward to their time with Monique and feel they can trust Monique with their care.


Victoria M Azaro




I have come to know Monique over the past four years and huge respect and trust for her. Having placed Grace (initially 5 when she started with Monique) into her care, Monique has a way of ensuring that she meets each family’s individual needs.

Grace first started at Victoria Avenue School in 2014 in Year 0. Due to my work commitments, she regularly attended the afterschool care programme.        While Monique was personally involved in running this programme, Grace was very happy to attend and there was never an issue with her going along.

As soon as Monique established the Scrapbooking Club, Grace was one of her first entrants. She subsequently asked to join the Yum Club hosted by Monique and in addition now attends 2 after school Scrapbooking sessions. Grace has independently chosen to go to these sessions. As a parent herself, she is very aware of the challenges we face.

As I work significant hours and need after-school care that is convenient, affordable and provides a safe environment; having the option of an after-school care programme where the children are happy to attend, can complete their homework and spend time in a fun environment takes huge pressure off on the home front.


Roz Henry





My son started at Victoria Avenue school close to 5 years ago and just a few months after starting school began attending afterschool care, which at the time was run by Monique Patient. We found Monique to be incredible with the children and the program was always run in a very structured way with different activities for children to engage in each day.

My daughter started at Victoria Avenue school close to 2 years ago and has been attending afterschool care ever since. Both kids love Monique and this was one of the reasons that once Monique left afterschool care and started Scrapbookers club both children were enrolled in the club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Both kids have also attended Monique’s school holiday program. Once Monique set this program up we asked the kids to choose between the school holiday program they used to attend and Monique’s program and they enthusiastically chose to spend their school holidays under Monique’s care. Raphael has also attended Monique’s Yum Club on Monday lunchtimes and has come back every Monday excited by the new foods he got to prepare and the new recipes he’s got.
I would describe Monique as a natural with children. She is able to understand the unique nature of each child and cater for that.


Lena Ostrovsky




It is with great pleasure we write this reference for Monique, as we would love her to be involved in as many children’s and their families lives as possible.

Monique has been involved with our 2 children for the past 7-8 years. Our son initially attended after-school care program that Monique created and ran from the age of 6 - 11. My daughter started attending the same program when she first started school 5 years ago and now currently attends all of Monique’s new programs.

As busy working parents, these early years are hard to co-ordinate and the extra lengths Monique and any staff she hired went to was truly amazing. She kept us up to date with their homework, any behavioural problems, completed extra tuition to help my daughter catch up to her level of reading (even met with her teacher to get the details directly), called to let us know if they had left anything behind and informed us if they were unwell or had injured themselves. We knew our kids were always safe and well cared for and this peace of mind is priceless. 

When Monique left to start the Magnificent Scrapbookers club, Magnificent Crafters, and YUM CLUB we were all delighted Monique was looking after us again. Our daughter loves these new creative classes and has learnt so much. She always wants to attend and we are continuously amazed at what they make.

Monique is a big part of our family and she has played a major role in helping our children become the great people they are today.


Gavin & Kristen Hughes




I am a current VAS parent and have known Monique since my two daughters started attending After-School Care in 2014 when Monique was running the programme.  Since then, my younger daughter (now Year 4) has also attended the Scrapbooking Club that Monique runs at VAS and her holiday programmes.

I have absolute confidence in Monique’s ability to run well-organised, fun, safe and creative programmes for children.  In particular:

  • Monique’s communication with parents is excellent. She responds to emails, texts, and phone calls promptly and efficiently.  

  • Monique is also very flexible in accommodating last minute changes in plan, which is much appreciated by busy working families! The recent programme she provided at VAS on the day of the teachers’ strike is an example of how she can respond quickly and appropriately to parents’ needs.

  • Monique is very mindful of safety e.g. she will always call to confirm a child’s whereabouts if they don’t turn up to a session.  Any bumps and scrapes are always cleaned up and reported to parents.

  • My children have always loved the activities that Monique provides – their bedrooms are still festooned with special creations, some of which are now several years old.

In summary, our family has relied on Monique’s services over the last four years and she has never let us down.


Lucy McGrath